BCA-1 Test - steps

In Transit BUY a test

You can buy the BCA-1 Test from this website.

We will deliver it to you in 2-3 working days.

(Tests will be available to buy in early 2019)

Register REGISTER your Test online

Enter the bar code from one of the tubes we sent you.

Answer the questions about any recent treatment to help us personalise your report.

Prepare COLLECT your two urine samples

It is important to follow these instructions for producing a usable sample - othewise, our laboratory may not be able to complete the analysis.

Post them back to us POST them back to us

Use the box your BCA-1 Test arrived to you in.

Check your dashboard CHECK your dashboard

Log in to your BCA-1 account to follow the status. We will need to run a quality control check first to make sure your sample is usable. We will email you when your report is ready to view.

Your result YOUR REPORT

Based on the analysis of DNA in your urine samples, your report will show a low risk or high risk and be accompanied by commentary on the result from our clinical specialist.

You can download your report to share with your doctor.