Collecting a urine sample

1. Collect the SECOND urine of the day.

2. It is important to exercise before you collect your urine sample to release cells from inside your bladder. We suggest climbing a flight of stairs or walking around the house for about 10 minutes.

3. Collect your sample MID-STREAM. It might be easier to use a large cup to collect your sample.

4. Pour the sample into the tubes. About 30-50ml in each tube will be enough. We need two tubes in case one can’t be used. Screw the top on firmly.

5. Shake the tube 10 times so the preserving agent dissolves.

6. Place the tubes into the biohazard bag provided, together with the padded paper to protect them.

7. Place the bag in the BCA-1 Test box they came in. Peel the strip and seal the box closed with the sticker provided. Post them back to us. Postage is prepaid.